Formula 1 GP Emilia-Romagna 19/05-21/05/2023

IMOLA F1: Ticket refund methods

In agreement with the Formula 1 promoter, it has been decided that all fans who have purchased tickets for the Formula 1 Gran Premio Qatar Airways del Made in Italy e dell'Emilia Romagna will be refunded.

Holders of tickets purchased through the TicketOne office will have the following options:

  1. Ticket Refund: The price of the ticket will be refunded. Refund terms and dates will be announced once the flood emergency is over.

  2. Ticket transfer for 2024: Alternatively, you can transfer your ticket to the 2024 race, which is a convenient option, especially if you hold rare grandstand tickets that sold out early. The terms and conditions, as well as the transfer method, will be published at a later date.

For information about the refund, you can contact the TicketOne Call Center at 892.11 (available only in Italy) or fill out the TicketOne contact form at

The admission fee refunds are expected to begin in a few days, as a system for refunding admission fees is currently being developed. Stay updated by signing up for our newsletter to receive the latest news.

If you have purchased your ticket from another retailer, please contact your vendor directly to request a refund. Vendors will be reimbursed by ACI, the race organizer. Refund terms, cancellation fees, and other details may vary depending on the vendor. For future purchases, we recommend using a verified vendor that does not charge any service fees.

Contact us for any questions. We are here for you and ready to answer.