Formula 1 GP Emilia-Romagna 17/05-19/05 2024


  • This year's race can finally be enjoyed without anti-covid measures. That's great news! Forget the mandatory respirators or infection-free certificates. And enjoy the race to the fullest. 
  • Please expect a thorough check of your luggage at the entrance. The less you take with you on the circuit, the sooner you will have this unpleasant duty behind you. And it's not just you - the more people who go to the circuit without luggage, the sooner they'll be there. Enzo e Dino Ferrari's entry requirements are strict. Check out the rules for staying at the circuit, so you know which items not to bring. While you may be disappointed by how harsh the rules are, don't try to trick the organisers. If you are found with a prohibited item, it will be confiscated and disposed of. And in extreme cases, they may even ban you from entering. Unfortunately, luggage storage is not available on the circuit. 


  • You can only get on the circuit with a valid ticket, of course. You can have it either electronically or on paper. See what tickets are still available and get them conveniently in advance. Our tip is clear - keep your ticket on your mobile phone and show it. But it's also a good idea to have a backup printed version. If all goes well, you won't even need to pull it out of your pocket. But what if your phone runs out? 
  • We recommend booking your tickets online. It will take you less than two minutes, and you're all set. Check out the best prices right here. 
  • There are three types of tickets for Imola. Choose a grandstand ticket, a grass section ticket or a general admission ticket. The general admission ticket is the best value. However, it only gets you into the free seats without entitlement to any grandstands. Natural and seated grandstand tickets are then always valid for that particular venue. Grandstand tickets also come with a seat guarantee. 
  • Going to the Enzo e Dino Ferrari circuit with the kids? Save half! For children under 12 years of age, a discounted price of 50 percent of the adult ticket applies. 
  • The organisers are also thinking about wheelchair users. They will have access to stands R and B. From Grandstand R, they will be able to enjoy the view of the cars as they enter the twin corners of Rivazza and then pick up speed as they approach the finishing straight. From Grandstand B, they will see the action at Turns 5, 6, 7 and 8. This is where you can often see some daring overtaking manoeuvres.


  • There are 37 different car parks around the circuit. Which is the right one? Always plan ahead which grandstand you're going to. And choose the nearest car park accordingly, so you don't spend your race day walking around the track. There's no shuttle service at Imola, and you can't even reserve parking in advance. All the more reason to go early!
  • Parking is not expensive. For a motorbike, you pay seven euros per day, parking for a car costs ten euros, caravans pay fifteen euros, and motorhomes pay one euro more. Buses can park for 40 euros.
  • Check out more info here!

Opening hours of the circuit

Circuit area

Opening hours of the Imola circuit are always 8:00. There is no set closing time, but you must not stay overnight on the circuit. However, you will undoubtedly enjoy a great Friday and Saturday evening at the circuit.


The opening hours of the car parks are yet to be determined. 


Ticket offices usually open in advance of the opening of the circuit itself. Times to be specified.

Contact us for any questions. We are here for you and ready to answer.