During the races, qualifications, and training sessions, the marshals use a variety of flags and lights. Every color has a different meaning. Do you know them?

The GREEN FLAG means that the track is free. The flag is waved by the starter signaling the start to the warm-up lap.

The YELLOW FLAG indicates a danger on the track, usually an accident. If the marshal just shows the flag, overtaking is forbidden. However, if the marshal waves the flag, it means that the competitor must slow down and be ready to stop immediately.

RED FLAG means immediate stopping of a race, qualification, or training. It usually is waved because a car is lying in a dangerous position after an accident or because conditions are too poor for racing to be safe. When the red flag appears, all riders must slow down immediately and enter the pits.

A BLUE FLAG is waved to a slower rider who is close to being overtaken by a faster rider. The first of these must then allow for faster overtaking at the earliest opportunity.

A YELLOW FLAG WITH RED STRIPES warns competitors of reduced track grip (due to water, oil, clay, gravel, etc.).

CHECK FLAG signals the end of a race, qualification, or training.

The WHITE FLAG signals a slow-moving vehicle on the track (ambulance or tow truck).

A BLACK FLAG WITH ORANGE CIRCLE and rider number is used to inform this rider that his car has mechanical problems and must leave the track immediately and go to the pits.

The BLACK FLAG together with the rider's number means that he must leave the track and go to the pits immediately, due to disqualification from the race.

RED LIGHTS illuminate for two to five seconds until the start of the race. The red lights in the finish line area also illuminate at the end of each workout, qualification, and warm-up workout.

GREEN LIGHT signals the start of each workout, qualification, warm-up training, lead-in, and warm-up lap and must be on at the exit of the pit lane.

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